Google Introduces AdWords Editor 11.0

Google has just launched an exciting update to the AdWords Editor tool. It’s considered to be the biggest update to the application since it was released in 2006. It’s been redesigned completely, all of the features were enhanced, and new features were added to help advertisers do more in less time.

AdWords Editor 11.0 also got a brand new …Read More

Changes In Interest Categories At AdWords Starting January 2015

Since 2009 AdWords users used the interest category marketing to connect with potential prospects across the Google Display Network. Lately, Google added more sophisticated, flexible audience tools, and starting January 2015, “Other Interests” option will no longer be available.

The new interest-based capabilities are: affinity, custom affinity, and in-market audiences. Existing campaigns that target “Other Interests” will continue …Read More

Google Modifies Dynamic Remarketing Across All verticals

Google announced recently that they are starting to roll out dynamic remarketing to all verticals (including flights, hotels, real estate, jobs, classifieds, finance, education and auto).

Basically, dynamic remarketing shows site visitors tailored ads that feature the products they viewed previously on the website, and related products they might be interested in. These tailored ads highlight what matters most to customers, engaging …Read More

Google Introduces Callout Extensions

Google AdWords is introducing a new ad extension called ‘callout extensions’, which is basically additional text in the search ads, that highlights specific information about products and services. This will help buyers make better decisions about their online purchases.

The great thing about callouts is that they show valuable information to potential customers before they click your ad. Advertisers …Read More

Consolidated Billing For MCC Users Soon To Be Available In Google AdWords

Last week, Google announced they will soon start to roll out a new AdWords billing system for agencies and major advertisers that combines several MCC accounts into one.

The consolidated billing system will be able to combine invoices for several accounts and produce one invoice that covers all the accounts. This system will replace MDOs, which had to be requested from a …Read More

Close Variant Matching On Google Adwords

When users type certain search queries, they often misspell or type fast with typing mistakes, especially when it comes to long queries. However, even if they spelled it wrong, people still expect to find the service or product they’ve intended to search.

People that typed “baby strollers” “babies stroller” or “baby’s strollers” are all interested in finding …Read More