Close Variant Matching On Google Adwords

When users type certain search queries, they often misspell or type fast with typing mistakes, especially when it comes to long queries. However, even if they spelled it wrong, people still expect to find the service or product they’ve intended to search.

People that typed “baby strollers” “babies stroller” or “baby’s strollers” are all interested in finding …Read More

New Improvements In Bing Ads Targeting Updates

A lot of advertisers were looking for some enhancements and improvements in Bing Ads targeting capabilities. Recently, Bing has made several improvements in this area that are worth checking out.

An improved radius targeting that allows targeting at a more granular level. Advertisers can now specify radius in kilometers as well as miles. Plus, if until now advertisers could …Read More

Google Study On Local Mobile Searches – What Info Are Users Looking For?

A recent study by Google explored consumer behavior among 4,500 participants that answered a vertical-specific online survey. The study results help to conclude what factors are important to customers when they see mobile ads.

Customers on-the-go using mobile devices usually look for relevant places located nearby. As it turns out, four out of five local searchers want to see ads …Read More