Google’s helpful AdWords Express feature is designed mainly to help small businesses to advertise online easily, and to run smoothly in this overwhelming environment. Small business owners report that they are seeing success with AdWords Express, all over the world.

Now Google improves the AdWords Express feature on mobile. Since more than 70% of small business owners use mobile devices to help manage their businesses, it’s only reasonable to improve this feature.

When an advertisers selects their business category, AdWords Express makes sure that customers searching for related topics see that ad. To improve the targeting of the ad, products and services that appear on the website can be added by AdWords Express as keywords if they are related to the ad. Also, more negative keywords were added to exclude unwanted searches. This improves the click-through rates of ads and reflects a lower cost for advertisers.

Google has developed an app for smartphone users that gives users access to all the features of AdWords Express on mobile. This makes the ad creation and managing a lot easier than it used to be.

Advertisers can now reach the right customers with new targeting options. They can choose exactly where to promote their business, using their zip code, city, or state. When customers search from their phone, they can get driving directions, an option to call the advertisers business, or to visit the company’s website in one tap.