Google is constantly working on improvements on the AdMob network offerings, as an effort to connect consumers to relevant content, both on websites and apps. The latest improvement will allow advertisers to access many of the offerings on the AdMob network.

Advertisers will be able to use installed app category targeting on the AdMob network to find new customers who have already installed apps from related categories. For instance, a game developer who created a new action game could reach users who have previously installed apps from the category “action and adventure games”.

Another benefit is video promotion of apps. Advertisers will be able to draw in new users to their app using video ads on the AdMob network. All they’ll need to do is enter their video’s URL, and have a brand new video ad for their app.

This new improvement also helps to simplify the way advertisers measure and optimize their ads. They’ll be able to use Conversion Optimizer as soon as they create the campaign to automatically find the optimal bid for their ad each time it’s eligible to appear without waiting for conversion history to accumulate.

Google states that they are looking forward for feedback from advertisers to hear how they are using these features to promote and drive engagement to their apps.