Sitelinks is a great feature that helps connecting people to specific pages on your website, directly from your ad. With just one click, potential clients are directed to a specific category page or a product page that relates to what they were looking for. Sitelinks have proven to extend the value of search ads by linking to useful content inside the website and by increasing CTR.

Now, Google is introducing dynamic sitelinks, intended to help boost performance for ads that does not have the ad extension. As opposed to advertiser-created sitelinks where the advertiser sets the links, the dynamic sitelinks are automatically generated based on recent search activity and historical data.

This is a great feature that adds value to ads and also saves time and simplifiescampaign management. With that said, advertisers should continue adding and optimizing sitelinks since the impression share for dynamic sitelinks is lower.

Google states that clicks on dynamic sitelinks will be free, and advertisers will be charged for clicks on the ad headline and other ad extensions. Advertisers will also have the option to disable this feature, although it boosts the average performance of an ad.

Here’s a video explaining about Google sitelinks: