In the upcoming weeks Google is about to finalize and launch a feature that will link between bulk accounts in AdWords and Analytics systems. This is done in the purpose of helping advertisers gain insights regarding the effectiveness of their ads.

This new linking process will allow advertisers to link multiple AdWords accounts all at once, and also will enable a clearer, tightly controlled linking access for each Google Analytics property.

A lot of advertisers who use Analytics have more than one AdWords account. Up until now, each AdWords account had to be individually linked to the matching Analytics account. The new account linking feature will allow users to select any of the AdWords accounts under their administration.

This feature will also help in finding unlinked AdWords accounts quickly and link to them. It especially useful for many properties managed in a single Analytics account, or if an advertiser have different teams of people managing each property – they would no longer need to give them access to the full Analytics account in order to link to AdWords.