Google recently announced that in the coming weeks they will launch a new bulk linking feature, making it easier for advertisers to quickly gain rich insights. The new feature will allow Adwords account users to link all their accounts at once. According to Google, this new “linking wizard” as they call it, will assist users who have multiple Adwords accounts.

Most Analytics users control multiple AdWords accounts, which up until now, each account had to be individually linked. The new account linking wizard allows an advertiser to select any of the AdWords accounts they administrate.

The new linking wizard makes it easier to find unlinked AdWords accounts and link to them. The linking process will now take place at the Analytics property level instead of the account level. This is a huge benefit for account managers that have multiple properties in a single Analytics account.

Image of Google Analytics linking wizard from Google Analytics Blog

Another great benefit is when you have different teams of people managing each property. In the past, you had to give them access to the full Analytics account in order to link to AdWords, but now, you can give a specific team access to only the appropriate property. Undoubtedly, this feature enables large-scale Analytics users to better control access to their accounts.