Google Webmaster Tools released a new “Index Status” feature to help track a website’s indexed URLs for each protocol (either HTTP or HTTPS) and also for verified subdirectories. According to Google’s statement, this will simplify the monitoring of different sections of certain websites.

The Index Status feature reports how many pages on a site are indexed by Google. Up until now, index status data for HTTPS was included in the HTTP site’s report. But after listening to users requests, asking to track indexed URLs for sections of a certain website, Google separated the sections, and now the HTTP and HTTPS reports are shown independently.

There will also be a change in the reports if the website is hosted on HTTPS, or if some content is indexed under different subdomains. The reports will come with an annotation that has been added to the Index Status graph. This change does not affect the way the URLs are indexed, nor does it have an impact on the overall number of URLs indexed on a certain domain. The change only affects the reporting of data in Webmaster Tools user interface.