Google Cuts Search Snippets in Half

Not long after Google increased the length of the ‘search snippets’ displayed in the search results, they now revert to the shorter search snippets. Around December 2017, Google increased the length of the search snippets to around 320 characters. The move was unannounced, but was visible for most search queries. Webmasters around the world hurried …Read More

Facebook Trending Now On Mobile

One of the advantages people gain from Facebook is to talk about what’s happening, and discover updated, relevant conversations about news that interests them. This is where Trending comes in as a great tool to explore stories from different sources.

Now, Facebook is launching Trending for mobile, so when users tap on a topic in their News Feed, they’ll …Read More

Google Introduces AdWords Editor 11.0

Google has just launched an exciting update to the AdWords Editor tool. It’s considered to be the biggest update to the application since it was released in 2006. It’s been redesigned completely, all of the features were enhanced, and new features were added to help advertisers do more in less time.

AdWords Editor 11.0 also got a brand new …Read More

Changes In Interest Categories At AdWords Starting January 2015

Since 2009 AdWords users used the interest category marketing to connect with potential prospects across the Google Display Network. Lately, Google added more sophisticated, flexible audience tools, and starting January 2015, “Other Interests” option will no longer be available.

The new interest-based capabilities are: affinity, custom affinity, and in-market audiences. Existing campaigns that target “Other Interests” will continue …Read More