Currently in the US only, Bing Ads Auction Insights will be available in the web interface (UI). Auction Insights work this way – when a user performs a search on the Yahoo Bing Network, there is an internal auction process that determines which ads are shown and where they are placed on the search page. The Auction Insights report gives marketers useful information such as who their competition in this auction is, and how their ad’s performance compares, so they can get a strategic advantage on the competition.

The Auction Insights report offers valuable data for campaigns, ad groups, and keywords. An advertiser can generate a report for one or more keywords, ad groups, or campaigns, and also see what the competitors are doing.

To get started, you’ll need to apply Bing Ads’ Auction Insights filter in the respective tab. Then, you would be able to collect info about your campaign, keywords and ads, and their performance.

In the long run, insights from ad auctions will help you make smarter decisionsabout your campaign, and stay competitive in the ever-changing, dynamic marketplace.