Facebook users often wonder why specific ads show up in their news feed or the sidebar. To satisfy this query, Facebook announced that they are making ads more relevant to the user, and also let the user see the process behind the ad placement.

The data will be collected from page posts the user likes, posts they click on and other applications they use. This type of interest-based advertising will make the ads more relevant to each user.

Another new tool will help users get more control over the ads they see. The tool, ad preferences, will be accessible from every ad on Facebook. It will tell the users why they’re seeing a specific ad on their news feed, and will also let users add and remove interests. For example, if a user is not interested in fashion, he/she can remove fashion from their ad interests.

This helpful tool will be available to U.S. users within the next few weeks, and later this year will expand internationally.

Here’s a video by Jake Brill, Product Manager, explaining these changes: