Bing Ads recently released a new and improved version of the Campaign Planner tool, just in time for the holidays. The new version combines three capabilities within one friendly interface. New elements have been added to the Campaign Planner, making it a powerful, handy tool for advertisers.

The 3 new additions are: Vertical and Product Trends, Keyword Research and Competitive Insight.

  • The Vertical and Product Trends tool gives advertisers the capability to find and browse pre-defined verticals and sub-verticals that may be relevant to their business. The tool offers trending line graphs, seasonality snapshots, performance numbers, and an actual number for search volume.
  • The Keyword Research tool makes it easier for Bing Ads users to find top relevant keywords and filter them helpfully. Advertisers just need to simply type in the keyword into the search box in the left navigation, and the Campaign Planner will pull up recent performance and trends.
  • The Competitive Insight tool offers advertisers insight into the top bidding in a vertical or across a selected product. It shows up to 20 top domains, their ad coverage and average position on the Bing SERP. This tool is very helpful when researching new areas or when expanding the campaign.