Since Facebook added the “boost” option for posts, advertisers see more engagement for their promoted content. Still, there are things you can do to improve and refine your performance, and you should always stay on guard and not just boost a post and then forget about it.

One effective way to fully exploit the boost option is to customize your audience. So how do you do it? It’s quite easy:

Start by activating the option to use “saved target groups” through the Power Editor in the “boost post” feature of individual posts.

Then, create a target audience and include your custom audiences and other demographic options through the Power Editor, and save it. You can do that for each custom audience you have.

Lastly, click on “boost post” and choose the saved target audience you want to use. Also, there is an option to target people who like your page and even their friends, but it’s available to pages with more than 50 likes, as reach would be too small for fans and their friends if a page has less than 50 likes.