Google’s recent news – “step inside the future of AdWords”, features App Ads and more UI tools. Compared to last year’s changes, the current changes and developments are not drastic. The new features and tools will be available to all AdWords users over the next few months.

Here is a short review of the upcoming changes:

  • New search and AdMob ad features, including ads based on users apps; app installs will be available through TrueView ads on YouTube; and better conversion metrics in AdWords.
  • Four new tools to improve workflow, reporting and optimization will be added to the AdWords interface. Advertisers will see improvements in these areas: bulk actions inside campaigns settings, automated bidding for conversions, multi-dimensional reporting and visualization, and a new testing lab that will allow advertisers to run live tests on their campaigns, including bid changes, keywords, campaign settings, bids by time and location and ad formats.

This is the entire livestream released by Google on YouTube: