Google recently released 3 improvements to Tag Manager that will simplify advertisers marketing strategies: new and intuitive interface to launch and edit tags, new APIs, and more 3rd-party templates.

  • The improved intuitive interface makes tag management easy and accessible for all users, even new and non-technical ones, so they can start using it right away. The improved interface includes: simpler and clearer default workflow, instant search and autocomplete to find tag quickly, and new keyboard shortcuts to simplify users experience.
  • The new API tool allows advertisers to customize the infrastructure to suit their needs. Mainly, it helps a long way in containers and tags preview and publish options, and also in creating and managing users and setting different parameters and permissions.
  • The tag creation flow will have more 3rd-party templates in the next few weeks. Advertisers who will add new tags of their own will be able to select from a list of 3rd-party providers in just a few clicks and with minimal errors.

Watch this video from Google to understand how Tag Manager works: