Google Shopping Improvements and Updates

In order to provide merchants with more flexibility when organizing product data and reach more shoppers, Google is launching a few updates and improvements to the Google Shopping Feed Specifications. These will include:

Merchant-defined custom bundles, (for instance – a tablet with additional case and holder), must now be identified as such in order to be displayed appropriately on Shopping …Read More

Google Study Reveals – Search Ads Increase Brand Awareness

One of Google’s latest studies shows that search ads are affecting direct response, obviously, but they also have a powerful effect on branding, and even increase brand awareness.

Recently posted at the Google AdWords blog, the study reveals promising results – search ads lift top-of-mind awareness by an average 6.6 percentage points. The study tested searches for certain category keywords, …Read More

Google Study On Local Mobile Searches – What Info Are Users Looking For?

A recent study by Google explored consumer behavior among 4,500 participants that answered a vertical-specific online survey. The study results help to conclude what factors are important to customers when they see mobile ads.

Customers on-the-go using mobile devices usually look for relevant places located nearby. As it turns out, four out of five local searchers want to see ads …Read More

Google’s Panda Update 4.0: Winners And Losers

Google released its new Panda update, and it is important to understand the consequences.

Initially, Panda was created by Google as a search results ranking algorithm. This algorithm was designed to lower the rank of sites with poor quality content and return higher-quality sites near the top of the search results.

The latest change in the algorithm (also referred to …Read More

What Is The Future Of Google+?

Ever since the news about Google+ head and creator, Vic Gundotra is leaving Google, questions and speculations regarding the future of Google+ are flooding the web. The fact that close to 1,000 employees that worked on Google+ will now be assigned to different teams, also contributes to the assumption that Google+ is dying.

It’s interesting to check what …Read More

Google’s Self-Driving Car Logged Nearly 700,000 Miles

Google introduced the self-driving car project at 2010, but this innovative project gets smarter and efficient every day. These days, Google announced that over the last year they’ve been working almost entirely on mastering city street driving.

Naturally, driving in the city is a lot different than driving in the freeways, as constant distractions can appear, like car not stopping …Read More

Google Webmaster Tools Improves Data Tracking

Google Webmaster Tools released a new “Index Status” feature to help track a website’s indexed URLs for each protocol (either HTTP or HTTPS) and also for verified subdirectories. According to Google’s statement, this will simplify the monitoring of different sections of certain websites.

The Index Status feature reports how many pages on a site are indexed by Google. …Read More